Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flea Market nail polish is the best kind of nail polish. (Vintage Nail Polish Haul)

On this beautiful sunny weekend, I decided to go out and about, visiting some flea markets and thrift stores! Boy, am I glad that I did! 

A little old lady at the second flea market I visited had a bucket on her table filled with nail polish, with a sign hanging on the front advertising a ridiculously low price per bottle. I really tried to maintain my composure while sifting through the pretties. I have a weakness for old vintage polishes. Sure we all love the newest collections and the unique Indie brands.....but there is something special about the older polishes that are no longer in production. 
Here's what I came home with. 

 Cutex Fresh Colors Fresh n' Pink
Cutex Strong Nail Sky
Cutex Strong Nail Orange Spritz
 This cracked me up.....freshest if used by 12/97
 L'oreal Jet Set Brisk
L'oreal Berry Blue. 
 Revlon Violet X-treme
Revlon Peach
Revlon Strong Wear Plum Suede
Revlon Strong Wear Spice
(recognize those Strong Wear bottles??? So much like Street Wear!)
 Naturistics Golden Mauve Frost
Naturistics Barely There Beige Frost
 Sally Hansen New Lengths Palm Peach Frost
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Chic Creme
Sally Hansen New Lengths Raspberry Frost
 Cover Girl NailSlicks Rose Quartz
Cover Girl NailSlicks Tropical Punch
Cover Girl NailSlicks Honeyplum Glow
 Blue Cross holographic bar glitters. These are in the same size bottles as the Blue Cross pumpkin polishes, but shorter handles. 
 The names of these are Mystic and Masquerade, but they look pretty much identical to me. 
 Sinful Green Bean
Wet N name. 
 Orly Earth Song (my favorite find of the day!!)
Orly Uniquely Satin
 These are Lee Ultra Silky polishes. None have individual names. The blue and gray have silver glitter, and the pink and yellow have holographic glitter. The bronzey-gold color is very shimmery, and is my favorite of these. 
I haven't swatched or worn any of these yet. But I am excited to play with all of my new vintage friends! 

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