Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Butter London Marrow, and the Battle of the Purple Shimmers.

Yes, I am still anticipating the Butter London sale at Ulta on Sept. 10th! I have decided that I am only wearing Butter London shades until then. My mind is made up. 

Butter London Marrow

The one I have chosen today is Marrow, a dusty purple with a silverish sheen. 

To me, the silver cast that can be seen in the bottle does not translate to the nail at all. It is still a lovely polish, but appears to be a plain creme. 

Marrow applied beautifully, as all Butter Londons do, and I am wearing 2 coats. 

I enjoyed this color so much on my skin tone, I started digging through my stash for similar shades. 
Zoya Tru, Revlon Royal Cloak, Butter London Marrow

Swatched in same order.

Zoya Tru has a golden shimmer which sets it apart from the others. This is 2 coats, and I love it. I see myself wearing this very soon. It is my favorite of these three. 

Revlon Royal Cloak is the bluest of these, and required 3 coats. The first coat was extremely thin and I was afraid it wouldn't build up well. It has very nice icy shimmer in different size particles. 

Marrow does have the best formula of these, and I love the murkiness of it, I just wish the shimmer(if you can even call it that) was more evident.


Now to decide which Butter to wear next.....


  1. This is a really pretty purple! I love the kind of hazy quality it seems to have; that was what stood out to me in the comparison swatch with the other two purples!

    1. Maybe that's what the silvery sheen is for...to make it seem smokey?