Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick NOTD: Butter London Slapper w/ Pahlish Typewriter Keys

In anticipation of the upcoming Ulta sale on September 10th(Butter London nail polishes will be B1G1 free!), I figured I'd share with you what I've been wearing the past 3 days!

Butter London Slapper

Slapper is a beautiful aqua blue creme, that applies like a dream. Initially, this mani was only one coat. It wore so well, I touched it up with another coat and kept wearing it! I'm on the 3rd day and going strong.

Since I am easily bored with plain creme manis, and cannot leave well enough alone....I decided tonight to top it with Pahlish Typewriter Keys. 
Pahlish is another one of those super popular Indie brands, available on Etsy. Typewriter Keys was my first Pahlish. It reminds me of shards of glass, and it has the most beautiful blue shimmer I've ever seen. It does translate to the nail but my pictures did not capture it. 

See how lovely?

I must apologize for the quality of my pictures in this post. I had to resort to taking them inside, in artificial lighting. My daughter's room has the best lighting in my house, and since I was in there taking pictures anyway...I figured I'd share my recent weekend project!

Her room was the ugliest color of Spongebob yellow. She had been begging me for months for something more girly. So I ended up painting all of her walls hot pink, and putting black and white damask wallpaper up on one wall as an accent.

I ordered a coordinating wall tattoo on ebay, and she loves it. 

I still have a few finishing touches until it is 100% complete, but I'm quite pleased with the result so far!



  1. Cute walls! And I love your manicure. It kind of reminds me of Formica (in a good way!) with the top coat on it!

    1. Thank you!! Now that you mention it, it does remind me of formica, too!