Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's Go Way Back! Revlon StreetWear Lipstick and Polish

Today, while browsing a local discount store, I spotted a bin or random makeup items. At first glance, this bin looked like nothing I would be interested in, but the sign screaming "3 ITEMS FOR $1.00" enticed me to look more closely.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed a few old lipsticks that looked familiar poking out of the pile inside....
Revlon StreetWears!!

I'm not sure of the exact date that StreetWear was discontinued, but I remember wearing these products in the mid-late 1990's. 

These are the lipsticks I found, still in the shrink wrap!
Heartless, Jelly, Cafe, and Juicy.

Finding these today made me want to share the 2 Streetwear polishes that I own. 
Groovy and Grape.
Groovy is holographic bar glitter in a clear base. 
Grape is a dark metallic purple with light blue shimmer.

I can remember shopping from full displays of these, and having shoe boxes full of them. I wasted most of those wonderful polishes painting random items when I was a bored teenager.
Maybe one day I will be lucky enough to find StreetWear polishes in that bargain bin....I do miss them so.


  1. I had a few Street Wear nail polishes that I foolishly threw away as a teenager being forced to clean out bathroom drawers... Anyway, I'm a new follower and just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying your blog so far!

  2. I have streetwear jelly still :)

  3. I have streetwear jelly still :)

  4. Do you have these lipsticks? Can I buy them off you?

    - H.

    1. If you're still looking for dupes of these, NYX does very similar colours. Worth a look. :)

  5. I am absolutely desperate to find Streetwear Juicy (the purple lipstick) if anyone has any or knows where I can get some after all this time I will pay serious $$$ for it!!
    Anybody have an ideas?
    (Great blog hun) :)

  6. I am desperate to find StreetWear lipgloss. Stain, Bell Bottoms etc... best product ever. Does anyone have access to this ?

    1. Try the NYX range. I finally found a dupe for a streetwear lipstick after 15 years. Hope that helps. x

  7. Just to let anyone looking know Streetwear Revlon Juicy now has a dupe!!!
    'Moonwalk' by NYX is pretty damn similar, I mix mine with NYX 'Brooklyn Thorn' and it is perfect!