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Love My Nails (Bari Cosmetics) Haul and Wheel Swatches!

About a week ago, I was reminiscing about old polishes I use to love. Love My Nails was one of the brands I was reminded of. A quick google search later, I was browsing the Bari Cosmetics website. A cart full, checkout, and a week I am with polishes in hand.

Now, Bari Cosmetics' website is not very user friendly...more about that later.....but the pictures they have on the site are teeny tiny and you cannot see any details of the polishes at all. 

I'm here to help. :-)
I'll start with the glitters that I purchased.  
(all pictures are clickable to enlarge)

(L to R) Kiss Me, Diva, Milky Way, Cosmos, Crazy For You, Star Bright, Pink Surprise

Swatched in same order.

Love My Nails Kiss Me. An iridescent bar glitter in a lightly tinted peach base.
Swatch shown was 2 coats. 

Love My Nails Diva. A hot pink and light blue tiny bar glitter in a hot pink tinted base.  This is definitely one of the stand outs for me.
Swatch shown was 2 coats. 

Love My Nails Milky Way. Tons of very fine silver glitter in a clear base. 
Swatch shown was 3 coats. It was almost opaque at 2, so I went ahead and did another. 

Love My Nails Cosmos. Teal holographic star glitter, with small holographic glitter in a clear base.
Swatch shown was the swirl and dab technique. I swirl the brush around on the bottle, pull it out and wipe off any excess. Then pull out any of the large glitter with the tip of my brush, and dab where I want is placed. The glitters actually came out pretty easy, the edges of the stars seemed to "bite" into the brush. 

Love My Nails Crazy For You. Red metallic heart glitter in a clear base.
Swatch shown was also the swirl and dab technique. It is kinda tricky to get these glitters out, I think this would be great for an accent nail! 

Love My Nails Star Bright. Lilac and light pink stars, in a clear base with iridescent glitter.
Swatch shows, I did the swirl and dab, then let the stars dry where I wanted them, and went over again with the base to even out the fine glitter. 

Love My Nails Pink Surprise. Mostly pink and peach glitter. Has holographic diamond and hex shaped glitter. I think the base is ever so slightly tinted peach. Fitting name, because I am surprised at how much I like this!!
Swatch shown was 2 coats.

My final thoughts on the glitters. I like them! They would all be good for layering. The only ones I would wear solo are Diva and Milky Way. Some have tricky application, but I believe for the price and the end result, it is worth the extra effort. 
On to the CHROMES!!

 (L to R) Cool Orchid, Sea Grape, Teal For Two, Heavenly.
I'm just going to throw this out there....I don't like that one of the caps is white. They should all match. Maybe it's just me and my need for things that are alike to be uniform. 

Swatched in the same order. All 2 coats. No single bottle shots, I thought they were pretty self explanatory.

I also liked the chromes. I'm not particularly impressed with them, but they are pretty. Will make for good pedis, and I'm going to try to stamp with them. 

Just a few randoms that I bought....
 (L to R) Perfect 10 Yummy, Perfect 10 Ridin' Dirty, Nail Fantasies Barney

Swatched in...errr....opposite order? Not sure how that happened! All are 2 coats.
Yummy...look how gorgeous!! It's just stunning...drool worthy...can't wait to wear it...
BWAHAHAHA!! Sorry, I couldn't say that with a straight face. It's ugly. So frosty and pink and blaah. I see this leaving me in the next Zoya exchange. Maybe I'll empty the bottle and franken with it.
Ridin' Dirty. I bought it for the name, I admit it. But it is actually very pretty! A rose mauve with hidden shimmer. I'll hang on to this one.
Barney. Another one I bought for the name. I like it!! A magenta with blurple shimmer.
Now to the issues. As I said before, the Bari Cosmetics website is not very user friendly. Besides the teensey tiny pictures and no description on the polishes, every time you add an item to your cart, and hit "back", you start all over from the first page shopping. For instance, I'm on page 12 browsing...I see something I like, add it to the cart...hit back, and BOOM, I lost where I was! It was ok once I got the hang of it, but the first couple times it was annoying. 
Issues with my order. I ordered 15 polishes, I received 14.  I have emailed customer service about this issue. The one they shorted me (Chartreuse Shimmer) was one that I was really looking forward to seeing in person. 
Also, Yummy does not have a label on the bottom of the bottle. 
The label was NOT in the box they sent my items in, either. 
Upon further inspection of the micro sized website pictures, I am relatively certain that this is NOT Yummy. 
Here is the website picture. Looks like a light pinkish-lilac creme.
I may be wrong in thinking this, and this is total speculation on my part. Maybe they were sold out of Yummy, peeled the label off something else, and threw it in with my order?

But regardless, this order was CHEAP. None of these polishes were over $2. The price points were $1.09, $1.48 and $1.64. Shipping was only $5.15. My order total was only $25.58. So still a good deal.

If you are interested in ordering some of these, the website is

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