Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manglaze Haul and Mink Mitten NOTD!

A couple of weeks ago, Manglaze posted a couple of promo codes offering 10% off and free shipping. Although these matte polishes are designed for men,  I jumped at the chance to finally get my hands on some of these!

Here's what I got.
My polishes, 5 Franken Juggs(and balls), a guitar pick, a sweet decal, and a business card with the lovely Suicide Girl Honey Manko!


 One very special feature about this brand is the awesome bottle art...


 (keep in mind...designed for men)

                     Hmmmm...wonder what that paper says?

Dear Mr. Vernon.....
I like to think that the girls pictured on the bottle is the artists rendition of Claire and Allison. Haha!

 Fuggen Ugly
(grey-Jason Atomic Art)

Ironic name, considering the art is so pretty!

Mink Mitten
(Metallic Plavendurpleish)

Back label art.

I actually placed this order because I had been wanting Lesbihonest for a looooong time. I got Fuggen Ugly because I do not own a matte grey polish, so it was something different for me. I added Mink Mitten just because it looked interesting, and turns out I chose to wear it first!

This is one coat with no top coat. It does dry matte, but it has a metallic-foil sheen to it. I love it so much more than I thought I would. For some reason, I keep wanting to call this one "Mink Muffin"....not quite sure why.....

 It was a little slow to dry, but that gave me time to get the coat even on the nail. Most matte polishes dry so quickly there is a lot of brush drag. Not with this baby.

Extreme close-up!

I also ordered Franken Juggs. They are wide mouth jars made for mixing your own polishes. They are actually pretty good sized, a lot bigger than I imagined they would be.

You can even name your creation and write it on the cap or label. Can't wait to use these. 

A little something that confused me about the order was the guitar pick. It's cool...but the little blurb on the receipt got me thinking....

How in the world are you supposed to open a can with a guitar pick???

Possibly like this?

So you don't break a precious nail?


Final thoughts.
Shipping was quick. Items were packed carefully. 
Prices were great(LOVE promo codes!). 
Loved the little extras with the order. 
Polishes are fantastic!! I've not worn Lesbihonest or Fuggen Ugly yet, but Mink Mitten in itself made the whole order worth it. I mean...just look at it!

If interested in purchasing some Manglaze polishes, you can order them HERE.

You can "Like" then on their FACEBOOK, for updates and the occasional promo code!


    I love Manglaze and recently received delivery of two orders. I attemped to show my Mail Nail Haul on my blog (http://oncebittennails.blogspot.com) and did not even come close to how well yours was done.

    1. Thank you so much!! You have quite a haul there!!! I've followed your blog :-)

  2. Mink Mitten looks gorgeous! I love the concept behind "Manglaze"... I wonder what percentage of Manglaze wearers are women!

    1. It is gorgeous! I wore it for 3 days, too!

      I'd say most are women. Although my brother did paint his pinky nail with Fuggen Ugly. LOL!